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12 May 2008 @ 11:40 am
No, not physically moving...I am moving my BLOG!! Tried to do this once before, but now I am serious! So, add this new link to your bookmarks....there is a whole lot more I can do with Blogger....so excited!!!

And make sure to take my poll while you are there!

06 May 2008 @ 08:57 am
Last night Riley and I did something that I have wanted to do with her...probably since I found out she was a girl! We started watching the Wizard of Oz, my ALL TIME favorite movie, ever! She has been asking about it a lot lately, and I was worried that she might be a little young and find some parts scary...but she talked me into it :) Actually, we made a deal that if anything was scary for her that we would fast-forward it...and we did fast-forward a little bit in the beginning when it is still black & white (which she really didn't understand and I had to explain why there was no color, like, 3 or 4 times!!!).

So, we watched it up until the part where the Wicked Witch of the West leaves after Dorothy gets the Ruby Slippers, and then she had to go to bed. But it was great watching it with her...I can't wait to watch the rest with her and see what she thinks- so far she appears to LOVE it as much as her mama! And ask me how I know that....she only asked about 10 million questions between last night and this morning...she woke up asking questions about it...I think if I explain one more time what a tornado is I might lose my mind!!

Speaking of tornados, sort of, Riley seems to have developed a slight obsession with the weather, courtesy of school, and possibly Grams and Gramps!! Every day at school they fill in a weather chart and one of the kids gets picked to be the "weather person" to say what the weather is...Riley has done it a few times. Add that together with the constant showing of the weather channel at Grams and Gramps house and she is hooked...maybe she will be a meterologist someday!

Today is ballet day, and she has to wear her costume for the recital for pictures...should be cute to see all of the little ones dressed....
04 May 2008 @ 07:08 pm
Riley joined Grams and Gramps on an outing Saturday morning and she had a wonderful time. So good, in fact, that they were goone from 9am to 5:30pm...WOW!!! They went to Carowinds, a big amusement park in NC- about a hour from here. We weren't sure how she would do- she has been to little carnivals before, and is just starting to get adventurous enough to want to go on the rides. Todd looked online and saw that some of the rides were big enough for adults (Gramps) to go on with her, so we figured she might go on a few. And the weather was a little iffy, too....so we didn't really know what to expect.

However, I really did not expect her to have such a great time....apparently, from what Grams and Gramps told us, and from the bits and pieces and pictures we have from Riley....she had a ball on the rides.

Her favorite, I think, was the rollercoaster- which just blows me away....it was a real rollercoaster!!! Gramps went with her:

And, of course, she enjoyed the carousel:

She and Grams went on the helicopters together:

And she had her face painted like a princess:

Went on the Dora train:

And the swing:

Can you tell she is enjoying herself!!!:

She also flew in an airplane:

And a jet:

You would think she was tired after all that, right??? Well, then they went to the picnic, where she ate her weight in hot dogs, chicken, chips and ice cream!!! Here she is with Grams looking a little beat:

But, back in the car and on the way home....not so much tired anymore:

Wow- what a day....perfect in the eyes of a 4 year old....
Riley had a very exciting day today- but before I post about it and her pictures, I wanted to get a few others up that I have been sitting on!

*A few weeks ago, Grams and Gramps came over and helped Daddy make a wonderful sandbox for Riley to play in this summer, and for baby sister to enjoy later! Riley has played in it a few times since then, and really enjoys it.

*Just a really cute pic of Riley and Angel. Angel is a lap cat...she loves people and loves when we have visitors, but she is just now letting Riley hold her and pet her and they have become good friends.

*We had a yard sale last weekend (which went well- made some money to buy some baby things!!), and Riley spent her time riding her old, little tricycle around in the garage. Gramps asked her why she wasn't riding her new bike, and then decided to take a look at the chain after Riley told him she couldn't pedal it. Well, wouldn't you know, the chain was too tight, and she really couldn't pedal it!! Bad parents...didn't notice it! So, he and Todd fixed the chain and she has been riding that bike everywhere since then!! Todd takes her down the street, and now she wants him to get a bike, too!!

And, lastly...a belly update!!! Currently at 26 weeks, and doing well, and getting big!! Braxton Hicks contractions have started- not fun- and things are starting to hurt more! We went grocerty shopping today and my back was really hurting- ugh! Have an appt. this week...3rd trimester, here I come!!!!!!!!!

30 April 2008 @ 09:11 am
When we were in RI last, I realized after trying to buckle Riley into her car seat that she had reached the weight and height limit for the seat. Amazing- I remember thinking when we bought it that it would be so long until that would happen! Well...it did. She is officially 40 lbs and is about 43 inches tall (tall, I think, for her age), so we bought a cute little pink booster seat while we were there, and it was so nice!

So, when we got back here, I took a look at my mom's seat, and sure enough, she had reached the limit on that one as well, so she also has a new booster in Gram's car! I am thinking about getting one for Todd's truck- I really hate the carseat that he has- his truck is so tall to begin with, and the seat is hard to buckle now that she is bigger...and especially now with my big belly- it is almost impossible! I have a Britax in my car that I LOVE, so it is staying...but we might be investing in a another booster for Riley soon.

Riley has started asking questions and talking about baby sister a lot. When she takes a bath, she puts a washcloth over her belly and says that she has a baby in her belly! Then she takes it off, and says the baby is out. I wish it were that easy!!

She also asked me the other day when we were going to Disney World. I told her I wasn't sure, and then she said, that it was ok, because she wanted baby sister to be able to go anyway!!

But....the most interesting question...the one I had been waiting for...came on Monday. I had my very last class (gave the final) YAY!! and when I got home, Todd said Riley had a question for me...and then she asked me how babies come out!! Oh, boy...so I explained it to her, in pretty simple, but real, terms, I think....and she seemed satisfied, at least. And then she moved on to something else :)

However, I know that she remembered what I told her because when I picked her up yesterday one of her teachers motioned me over and told me that Riley had informed her that she knew how baby sister was going to come out!!! Thankfully, she did not tell any of her classmates!! And I told her that maybe she should just talk about that at home- don't want any of the parents getting mad at me! LOL!!!

Tonight Todd and I are heading to Atlanta for the Bon Jovi concert- so excited! Riley is staying overnight with Grams and Gramps- she gave me a little hassle when I dropped her off this morning, but she was mostly playing, I think....anyway, she will have fun- and so will we!!!
25 April 2008 @ 01:32 pm
Riley has been doing really well with falling asleep lately- much better. We have been talking to her a lot about not calling us unless it is an emergency. And not going in there unless she really does need something. I have been also sleeping a little better, too, since the weather has warmed up and I don't need to go in her room 5 times in the middle of the night to cover her back up. Now I just do it once or twice! Although last night she didn't fall asleep until 9:15, but she never called me!

Riley's ballet recital is coming up- we had parents week this week, so we got to go in and see her little dance- she does a great job with it! Very cute. They are going to be flowers and the costumes are green and yellow glittery with a big flower hat!
23 April 2008 @ 10:42 am
Had a little accident last night- I am ok and baby is ok- but I was not happy! We just finished eating dinner, and I was clearing the dishes from the table. We ate in the kitchen last night because I didn't feel like setting the big table, so I have to walk by the dog's food and water dish. Well, Roxie isn't the neatest eater, and I slipped on some water that had dripped from her mouth...and down I went- with a dish and a glass in my hand. Water and food and glass went everywhere, and I hurt my hip, twisted my ankle, and apparently did something to my wrist because it hurts badly this morning...

It was scary, but I really didn't hit too hard, and baby kept kicking, so I know everything is fine...wasn't too happy with the dog, though :) We will be moving her water dish somewhere else!
21 April 2008 @ 09:07 am
Ok, so maybe I don't think I look fat this time around...but I certainly feel big and fat after this weekend! We were on the go all weekend- and I am exhausted!

It started Friday night when I had to work late- didn't get home until 6 pm, and Grams and Gramps and Mimi and Papa were over because we were supposed to have a yard sale early Saturday morning. We had a nice cookout, and then everyone left- Todd included because he had to work until about midnight. Well, Riley stayed up a little later than usual, and then she was super excited and wouldn't calm down to go to sleep... and I was in and out of her room all night trying to get her to sleep. She was awake until about 9:40 and then finally fell asleep.

So, the next morning she was up about 7am (uggh), and it was raining so we decided to cancel the yardsale :( But instead we met G&G and M&P at Costco, and then headed home for lunch and then off to Morgan's birthday party...Riley had a great time, but missed her nap (and I missed mine, too :) ), and was pretty grumpy that night. Luckily, she went to bed a little better...

Sunday morning we got up, went grocery shopping, came home and had lunch while Todd cut the grass...then we took a nap- it was wonderful! After her nap we went to the park, came home and I made a big pot of pasta sauce, went outside and played, finally caught the ice cream man and got some ice cream, planted all of our plants and flowers that we bought and got ready for bed....and we were both pooped!! She went to bed great, and Todd and I watched a movie and I was asleep by 10!

It was a busy, busy weekend and I certainly felt it by the end...my back aches and I get crampy and sore....and I still have a long summer to go :)
19 April 2008 @ 06:40 pm
Ok, so I have had several comments lately about the size of my belly- the kind of comments that make me feel like I am gigantic and should be giving birth any second now...not really sure where they are coming from, because, yeah, sometimes I feel kind of big, but other times, especially when I see people who are about the same distance along that I am, I feel pretty good about myself....and the fact that I have only gained 14 pounds, well...that is good, too.

Anyway, for some reason we didn't take a lot of belly pictures with Riley, but I do have some to compare to...here is my belly at a little less than 23 weeks with this baby:

Not too bad...big, of course, but I AM pregnant....

And here is my belly at 25 weeks (so two weeks apart) with Riley:

Whoa...seems to be a big difference there...maybe it was the shirt, who knows...but I know this....I seem to be gaining a little differently and mostly am not as big (so far) as I was with Riley around the same time.....I will take another pic in 2 weeks and we can compare again....and all of those people- well, they need to keep their mouths closed around a crazy pregnant women!!! LOL!
18 April 2008 @ 04:52 pm
Riley was in a great mood last night. I picked her up and she was chattering away about her day. We came home and it was such a nice night- I grilled some chicken for dinner and she and Todd played outside for a while. We have had an ice cream truck in the neighborhood the last few nights, so we told Riley that if he came, she could go out with us and pick out something special...well, of course, he didn't show last night :( She was so disappointed, but I gave her some vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles for a special dessert, and she was happy!

Then this morning, I decided to sleep a little later...and unfortunaly, Riley didn't agree with my plan because she was awake and calling me at 7am! But...she was still in a great mood and we had a very nice morning together. And I was only 20 minutes late for work! It was so nice that I am tempted to start work at 8:30 am instead of 8am, but then I would have to work a little later, so I am torn...

Grams and Gramps and Mimi and Papa are coming over this afternoon for a little cookout, and tomorrow (weather permitting), we are supposed to have a yard sale...and then spending the afternoon at Morgan's birthday party...